In this section we will answer the most frequent asked questions that will make you know how to make a proper self-examination with reusable glove Sensifemme.

If you have any questions about the performance of the technique that is not in this section, please consult with your physician, gynecologist and/or nurse.

How it works?

Sensifemme touch sensitivity increases 6 times, so it magnifies any abnormality in the breast, improving self-exploration. This favors the detection of any lump even the small ones, making an earlier detection.

What is the frequency to be used Sensifemme?

Sensifemme should be used every month, 7-10 days after the period, when your breasts return to their natural state because there are women who during the period have swollen breasts and this can make difficult the self-examination.

What should I do if I notice an abnormality in the breast?

Sensifemme is a tool to improve knowledge of breasts, so it does not replace the procedures in case of anomaly detection, so if you notice any breast abnormality, visit a physician immediately to make a correct diagnosis.

When is the best time to use Sensifemme?

The best time to use SENSIFEMME is after the shower, before dressing up. You should make the observation of the breasts in the mirror and then lie in bed and quietly perform self-examination of both breasts and armpits. Anyway, any time is good for scanning, it is important that you are calm and relaxed.

Can I use Sensifemme every month?

Not only can, but it is recommended to know better your breasts. You must use SENSIFEMME every month to achieve a better prevention; you should know that the glove is reusable for 3 years.

What if I never detected any anomaly?

If we never detect any abnormality in the breast, in principle this is great news, but you must not forget that you have to make the revisions recommended by your doctor for a greater security, remember how important early detection for a better response is.

Why should I trust Sensifemme glove?

KAVISHA PHARMA has all authorizations by the Spanish Medicines Agency to manufacture and marketing SENSIFEMME glove. This fact makes our products comply with the European legislation concerning the medical devices we manufacture. We are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, which ensure the reliability of our products and our facilities.

You may find similar products, some of them are sold online without CE marking, so are illegal and have no collateral. These products are usually manufactured in places without license and in countries where workers are exploited. The gloves from these countries may be a bit cheaper, although we appreciate how valuable our health is. We can only say that our products comply with the current legislation, have their CE Marking and its National Code No. 159447.1

For how long can I use the glove Sensifemme?

The recommended duration of use of Sensifemme is 3 years with its due care and use.