Using the breast self examination glove SENSIFEME to improve and prevent breast cancer

To permorm breast self Sensifemme with glove, the glove should be placed in your hand and you need to perform self-examination in the same way that has been recommended by experts, but we recommend that you perform it in bed so the liquid in the glove will expand uniformly over the entire surface.

For a proper self-examination you must follow the next steps:

1. Observation of breasts

2. Palpation with the help of Sensifemme glove

1. Observation of breast

Step 1


Stand up in front of the mirror, it is important to do it with an appropriate light to avoid the production of intense shadows. And hold your arms at your sides, observe your breasts:

Check that there have not been any changes in their shape or size.

Skin should be smooth (not like orange peel), without skin folds or wrinkled areas.

The lower curve of breasts has to be smooth and regular.

Step 2


Raise your arms and compare one breast with the other. Observe if there is any difference between both armpits.

Step 3


Lower your arms until they are horizontal to the ground, join your hands to the neck height and pull out hard to tighten your muscles and make more visible any change in the breasts.

Step 4


With your arms at your sides look closely nipples and areoles:

Changes in their shape or size.

Existence of scabs or wounds.

Squeeze the nipple slightly to see if there is any fluid secretion. If it happens, remember how it looked like (transparent, milky or bloody) to tell it to your gynecologist.


Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Inflammation of the breast’s skin.
  • New asymmetries in the breast.
  • Skin retractions or in the nipple.
  • Peeling of the skin of the breast or nipple
  • Discharge of liquid from the nipple.


Lie down on your back with a pillow or a towel rolled up under your shoulder and raise your left arm putting it below your head. Introduce your right hand into the SensiFemme glove so that the side containing the oil is over the breast.

Joining and stretching the fingers of your right hand, glide them over the left breast following the next movements:

2. Palpation of breasts

Probing radial


Divide the breast into eight parts and touch them without forgetting any part.

Probing spiral

Start from the base of the breast and rise toward the nipple.

Probing on concentric circles.

Move your fingers in circles using as center the nipple.

Probing into vertical bands.

lineas ascendentes y descendentes
Browse palpating the breast from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

Always try to follow the same order during palpation, without going jumping from one area to another.

Once you have done it, without changing position, explore your armpit.


Change the pillow to right shoulder and put this arm under his head.With your left hand make palpation like you did before with the other breast.


You should visit a doctor specialized in breast pathology if any of the followings appears:

    • Any new mammary nodule.
    • Enlargement of the previous nodule.
    • Inflammation/Redness of the breast skin.
    • Skin retractions or in the nipple.
    • Breast pain (incommensurate from the usually menstruation pain).
    • Peeling of the skin of the breast or nipple
    • Discharge of liquid from the nipple.

Informative video of the use of the breast self-examination glove Sensifemme.