• It should be done between the day 7-10 after menstruation, because during menstruation or in the days before, it is normal that breasts are more swollen and/or sore.
  • In case of menopausal or pregnant women, self-examination should be done once a month, trying to do it always the same day.
  • Women who are breastfeeding should do the exam the same day each month after breastfeeding (when the breasts are not full of milk).
  • Women with mammary implants should do self-examination once a month. To do it efficiently, they should ask their plastic surgeon to help them to distinguish between the implant and the mammary tissue.
  • It must be done calmly, leisurely.



Practical advice

  • The SensiFemme glove is reusable. It can be washed with water and dried with a ^58AB55A9BAE660009FD3D1822F58ED020F40B79443B71C1168^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrclean and smooth towel.
  • The glove is not toxic and leaves no residue on the hands of the user.
  • Be careful with long nails and sharp objects, because they may burst the glove.
  • Keep it far from intense heat sources such as heaters, fire, solar radiation, etc. Do not tread nor squeeze the glove.
  • It has an app “Sensifemme” to facilitate its use.


Situations in which you should visit the doctor:


  • When there are changes in the size or consistency of a breast with regard to the other one.
  • If there are changes in the skin like orange peel or any other type of stain, wrinkle or fold breast.
  • If there is nipple discharge and you are not pregnant or breast feeding your child.
  • If there are changes in the nipple, appearing injured or folds.
  • If you notice any lumps in the armpits or breasts.
  • If there are changes in a lump or scar you had a long time ago.
  • Pain in the breast, armpit or pectoral region.
  • Disturbances of sensation (feeling of tension , pain or heat).